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Artypunchi: the place to go to get up close and personal with art and experiences brimming with fresh surprises. From globally active artists to emerging new talent, Artypunchi brings you exhibitions and lectures curated from an original standpoint, unfettered by conformity to any one genre or staid convention.

We aim to show you the “now” of Tokyo art through the creative pursuits of these artists and the exchanges made possible by those gathering to witness them.
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15 July

Handmadekorea Fair 2014

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この度は、「ハンドメイドコリアフェア2014」にご参加いただきましてどうもありがとうございました。 そして、通訳スタッフの方々、4日間お忙しい中でも親切かつ丁寧な対応ありがとうございました。 おかげさまで、イベント事務局 […]

11 June
19 May

Artypunchi Project EXHIBITION 2.

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Exhibition Period:June 19, 2014(Thu)〜June 30, 2014(Mon) Venue:TOKYU DEPARTMENT STORE Tama Plaza     4F 1-7 Uts […]

About us

  • Yi Hyewon – Curator

    Born Yeoju, South Korea

    After graduating art school in South Korea, Yi Hyewon taught painting for two years.

    Yearning for a greater adventure she came to Japan in 2001.

    She worked at Design Festa, Asia’s largest art event, facilitating international artists’ exhibitions and planning workshops and other activities. All the time keeping her fingers to the pulse of Japan’s diverse nationwide biennial and triennial schedules—frequently crossing the country to meet artists and learn about their work. Having cultivated a wide network she setup the arts event outfit Artypunchi and took 40 Japanese artists to exhibit at Handmade Korea Fair in 2011. There, she introduced artists and the Japanese scene to a Korean audience at the COEX centre in Seoul, with works ranging from paintings, illustration, theatre, hand woven textiles, installations and more.

    In 2012 she worked with Tokyu department store, this time exhibiting 16 South Korean artists.

    Since that time she has also collaborated with Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum to introduce handmade crafts from a range of artists at their museum shop and planned the opening event and exhibition for「Studio and Space IVVA」with live painting artist Yoichiro.

    Now, with the opening of Artypunchi gallery, Yi Hyewon is looking forward to a new chapter, as a curator still besotted with art events, she aims to showcase global names and emerging artists.

    - Yi Hyewon – Curator