Artypunchi: the place to go to get up close and personal with art and experiences brimming with fresh surprises. From globally active artists to emerging new talent, Artypunchi brings you exhibitions and lectures curated from an original standpoint, unfettered by conformity to any one genre or staid convention.

We aim to show you the “now” of Tokyo art through the creative pursuits of these artists and the exchanges made possible by those gathering to witness them.

[Major Productions]
■ Handmade Korea Fair 2015
 July 23 – 26, 2015
 Art event Vol. 5「Handmade Korea Fair 2015」
 Venue: Coex, Korea

 Oct 25 – Mon Nov 3, 2014
 The Art Fairs: 「THE ART FAIR +PLUS-ULTRA 2014」 : For the latest in Japanese contemporary art, look no further than this annual two-part exhibition presenting both exciting new work by artists from a variety of genres (‘Plus’) and pieces selected by a group of emerging gallery directors (‘Ultra’). Participants: 6 Japanese & Korean artists.
 Venue: Spiral Garden, Tokyo

■ Handmade Korea Fair 2014
 July 10 – 13, 2014
 「Handmade Korea Fair 2014」. Organised in Japan. Participants: 35 Japanese artists.
 Venue: Coex, Korea

■ IVVA Art Night
 July 26 – 28 2013
 Commemorative curated art event and exhibition with live painter Yoichiro and 8 other international artists from Japan, South Korea, UK, Czech Republic.
 Venue: STUDIO & SPACE Ivva

■ Afternoon
February 4 – March, 2014
Afternoon. From globally active creators to rising young artists. Regardless of nationality or genre, artypunchi presents fresh surprises, with art you can really experience and enjoy. This curated exhibition is being held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Museum Shop, with over 40 artists participating from around the world including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Poland, UK, Germany, Estonia and more.
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Museum Shop

■ HANDMADE IN KOREA 2012″「密華異 Mikkai」
 March 2012
 HANDMADE IN KOREA 2012 Expo exhibition “Mikkai”: Participants: 16 Korean artists.
 Venue: Tokyu Department Store, Tama Plaza, Tokyo

■ Handmade Korea Fair 2011
 July 14 – 17, 2011
 「Handmade Korea Fair 2011」. Art event Vol. 1「Handmade Korea Fair 2011」. Organised in Japan. Participants: 40 Japanese artists.
 Venue: Coex, Korea

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